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Palm Pre Reviews Round Up

January 8, 2009


iPhone vs Pre (photo by Engadget)

iPhone vs Pre (photo by Engadget)

I think this is the day that we will all remember Palm in a way we remember Apple when they introduced the iPhone back in 2007. Today Palm introduced their new smartphone that has indeed the potential of being and iPhone-killer. It is undeniable that the number of innovations that Pre has brought with it has impressed many iPhone fans, including me. But more on that later, when things settle down a bit.

Recent reviews and pictures from CES participants:


5 reasons why I prefer iPhone to Windows Mobile devices

November 5, 2007

In past I’ve been a user of both PalmOS and Windows Mobile based devices and so far came up with a few reasons why iPhone is a more suitable device for me.

  1. Faster response. iPhone tends to be a very fast and responsive device comparing to Windows Mobile smartphones and PDAs. Even with so much less attractive GUI, Windows Mobile devices are slower. And hardware does not seem to be the problem here.
  2. More stable. Generally iPhone does not crash that often as WM devices do. Trust me, I know how WM apps behave ;). Safari remains to be the only major problem in iPhone’s stability.
  3. Web browser. Many will agree with me that iPhone’s browser is actually a very revolutionary piece of software for portable devices. It is very intuitive to use, quite fast and standard compliant when it comes to rendering web pages.
  4. Music player. I tried different music players for WM, but none seemed to be user-friendly and convenient enough to use. Apple again did a good job developing an excellent music player for iPhone. It’s not perfect, but still remains one of the best players built into a cell phone.
  5. Great platform for future developers. It seems that iPhone is going to become one of the most rich, powerful and beautiful hardware and software play grounds for many developers and companies as Apple releases the official SDK in February. Because iPhone runs a version of Unix, which is known for its flexibility, extensibility and stability, it makes it a strong software platform ready for all sorts of third party applications with different levels of security already built-in. The OS GUI capabilities make iPhone not only an eye-candy, but introduces a new approach to navigating the device and a new way to use common applications like maps, web browser and pictures.
    Combine the strong sides of the hardware and the software of iPhone and we get a gadget that could replace Windows Mobile and PalmOS devices in future.

Digg on the go with your iPhone

October 1, 2007

Soon after the release of iPhone Digg team brought an ultimate Digg experience to the iPhone, which immediately became one of my favorite web applications for iPhone. Scrolling through the lists of news is fun and easy. I can’t imagine scrolling through pages of news with hardware buttons or a scrollbar on your WM device. Wheel could make sense, but not many devices these days are equipped with hardware scroll wheels (Ah… missing those Sony Clie days).

Besides just reading the news you can actually Digg the articles the same way you do it on your PC. UI resembles one you are used to on the big screen. News items are big enough and you don’t have to aim for 5 seconds to hit the article. Thank you Digg team for remembering us, iPhone users, and brining us such a fascinating Digg experience to our pockets 😉

Almost a month with the iPhone

July 22, 2007

Yes, I got it the first day it was released. Got it almost without waiting in the line in Everett Mall in the AT&T store. As many others in Seattle, I was first forced to buy three accessories with it, but the next time I returned to the store 2 hours later they said it was not necessary anymore. Unlike many others, activation did not take long for me. It was not the promised 2-3 minutes, but 20. Well, it’s still better than waiting for two days to get your device activated.

The first surprise was that it did not work with the 64-bit version of Windows, which I am currently using. Good I had a laptop which was running Windows XP Media Center Edition. Laptop is where I still use my iPhone to upload movies, music and podcasts. I still have not used it to sync calendar and contacts.

Couple of things to say after using the iPhone for almost a month:

  • The device is more practical than I thought. Before purchasing the iPhone I was worried about the screen – it might break, get scratches… Well, no any scratches after a month. Obviously I’m carrying the device not in a pocket, as I used to before with my previous cell phone, but in a $30 case (that looks like this) and I find it to be rather convenient, even more convenient than carrying the device in a pocket. Though the iPhone does not have too many hardware buttons, it is quite practical to use it. Screen is very sensitive – almost as sensitive as your skin. It can recognize even the light touch with the tip of your finger. Obviously it is more sensitive than on any other PDA or smartphone that I ever had a chance to use.
  • Browser is amazing. It is much better than Pocket Internet Explorer on Windows Mobile or Blazer on PalmOS. While on EDGE pages open at an average or below average speed, but still the navigation is very convenient and user-friendly. Better surfing speeds can be achieved while using WiFi connection. The only problem with the Safari on the iPhone is the absence of Flash support, but many tend to think that it will be fixed when the official SDK is released.
  • Battery life is short. The longest the iPhone could live without charging was two days for me and that’s with less than 1 hour talk time. It seems that the most power is consumed when using the WiFi connection and browsing the Internet. It seems that turning off WiFi when not needed saves the battery life. A good thing is that watching movies does not consume too much power. Some tests have showed that after watching a 1:20 hour movie only about 1/4 of battery power was gone.
  • It is hard to control music when iPhone is in the case. iPod is definitely a better choice for those who listen much music. The remote button that is on the headset wire can only play/pause and skip the track. Taking an iPhone out from the case and switching an album is kind of painful.
  • Camera is nice. It’s not the quality of Nokia’s N95 5-megapixel camera, but still better than any 1-2 megapixel phone cameras that I have seen before.

As many others I’m waiting for the software update and for the official SDK to be released, so we can have some games and more applications on-board.


May 31, 2007

I have posted a new video demonstrating my project to the youtube. I cannot say I have been working much around it in the past two months, but I’m looking forward to spending more time on this project.

Back from California, back to college, Photospace

April 16, 2007

It has been a few weeks after we got back home from California. It was a decent trip with lots of fun memories. Our days were starting off in the hot tub and pool and were ending on the streets of Hollywood, LA, Malibu, Santa Barbara and or just little parties over our friends’ homes. It was a great time spent down there and I wish I could go there sometime in the end of the summer again. So, all the pictures are online at

So far I’m back to college after the spring break. This quarter is probably not gonna be as easy as the last one so looks like I’m having less free time. Still when I have some I do some managed DirectX programming which I’ve never been doing before. Lots of new things to learn for me and I must admit that 3D is fun. Check out this video.

My new project launched –

December 27, 2006

Today I have launched my new project that I have been working around for the past few weeks.

The concept of the project is to allow people to post polls with two choices
and then others to vote on on those polls thus making it into a concept of trends. For example there’s a poll where people can debate over Mac or PC. Voting is easy – all you have to do is login and click around the things you like and prefer. Then you can post your reasoning and comment on reasons of other people. This will lead to the discussion of a certain topic or trend. After the poll has received sufficient amount of votes people will be able to see what’s trendy and popular today.

Verizon installing FiOS in my neighborhood

December 20, 2006

About a month ago I got a door notice that Verizon has hired a company that is going to install FiOS in our neighborhood. I got excited cause I was expecting it for quite a few months. I never though Verizon is that fast. Well, they are still doing the installation jobs all around the neighbordhood but I expect them to be done soon, probably sometime in January. Kudos to Verizon! Hope the FiOS is going to meet all my expectations about it.

Verizon installing FiOS in my neighborhood

Verizon installing FiOS in my neighborhood

My dog after the grooming :)

December 18, 2006

Jordan had grooming last week and now he looks like a top-notch dog ;). I still don’t have many good pics of him on Flickr, but hope to post some soon.