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Software: GMail Manager – Firefox add-on

October 6, 2006

I’m a GMail user for almost two years (1.5 to be exact :)) and like all of us have been loving it since the first day of using it. We all know how good AJAX works in GMail, how good the spam filters and how much space we all have there :)) So far in two years I’ve used 14% out of 2+GBs they offer. Since the time I started using this time I have not deleted a message. Why? No need to delete messages with that amount of storage.

GMail Manager

Ok, enough for little GMail review, let’s start rolling with this lovely Firefox add-on. So, GMail Manager. GMail Manager is an easy to install add-on as are the rest of Firefox install. After being installed a little panel with your email address appears on right part of the status bar. Before you can start using this add-on you have to configure it. Set up you GMail address, your password, add multiple accounts… Set up is easy and doesn’t take much. Once you’re done configuring GMail Manager it will poll the GMail server with the new message for your current account. Whenever you receive a new message the GMail icon in the status bar will become blue indicating that you have 1 or more unread message. Once you click your email address in the status bar it will take you to your GMail to read the new message. You can also move your mouse over the status bar panel to see the brief info about your new messages (from, subject etc.).

GMail Manager

Another great feature of GMail Manager is associating all of the email links that you see while browsing to your GMail account. Each time you click an email link it takes you to the GMail web site to the “Compose message” page. So basically GMail becomes your fully functional email client which behaves almost like any other desktop email application (like Outlook Express, Thunderbird etc.).

That’s it for GMail Manager. I would recommend it to any Firefox and GMail user. It is a nice addition to the army of Firefox add-ons 🙂