Crytek Crysis: a real crysis for my video card…

Crytek has finally released the so much anticipated game of the year – Crysis. I managed to download it from the unofficial source even before the demo was officially released by EA. (Grab the official demo here)

My PC specs are totally out of date, but still I wanted to see how the game will run and just experience a bit of what everybody was expecting for over 3 years. The fist time I ran the game it took about 7 minutes to load on an AMD Athlon64 3200+, 1GB RAM. The framerate was terrible and the game was interrupted every time I tried to shoot. Seems like I had a lack of RAM. When I looked into the processes list, Crysis was using over 750MB of RAM. My video card ATI X1950PRO managed to produce around 15 frames per second at high settings after I added another gigabyte of RAM from my other PC! And those 15 frames were pretty stable all along the way. I wish I could experience the ful DirectX 10 support, but I was limited to Windows XP and a DirectX 9 video card.

So I came to the conclusion that this game does need a decent video card and a little more RAM, while you don’t need the Quad Core Extreme CPU from Intel to run the game smoothly.


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