The smell of Steam… Not too good, uh?


I’ve been using Steam for about a year now with Counter Strike Source CDs. About a month ago I ordered the download of Company of Heroes. I was so excited about the download speed, which was exceeding 1MB/s on my 15MBit connection.

It seems I was very lucky when I had that 1.2MB/s of download speed, because now I’m rarely getting anything more than 200KB/s while preloading Portal and Team Fortress 2. Most of the time speed does not go over 80KB/s. So I decided to look up online what others are saying about Steam.

The first Google result for ‘steam download speed’ gave me the page full of negative comments about Steam and Valve. Valve has always been an example company to me, but this illusion has suddenly disappeared after reading so many negative feedbacks about Steam. It seems they are saving money by not deploying enough servers.

In general I like the idea of Stem, online game store, but it does need a major speed boost. I think that as soon as Valve improves Steam it can become a primary source for your gaming needs as more and more publishers sell their games there.


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