HOWTO: Fix Apple’s rating among consumers

Apple’s rating among consumers (especially iPhone users) reached its very low point after Apple ‘bricked’ many iPhones around the world. A great majority of comments on the tech blogs are criticizing Apple for its attitude to the end-users. Does Apple think that after they bricked hundreds of iPhones the owners will buy another one and this time stick with AT&T? I don’t think so. They lost those users once and forever.

Fixing the bricked iPhones could be a great solution for Apple, even for a sake of earning the trust back. But at the same time, hasn’t Apple warned you about the possible failure of your device? (Yes, they did ;))

Another great solution would be releasing an official SDK. But why is Apple not doing it and keeps promoting its Web apps strategy remains unknown to us. I’m pretty much sure the real tech people at Apple realize the need of official 3rd party applications. Probably by the time Steve realizes it, it’s going to be too late.


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