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Back from California, back to college, Photospace

April 16, 2007

It has been a few weeks after we got back home from California. It was a decent trip with lots of fun memories. Our days were starting off in the hot tub and pool and were ending on the streets of Hollywood, LA, Malibu, Santa Barbara and or just little parties over our friends’ homes. It was a great time spent down there and I wish I could go there sometime in the end of the summer again. So, all the pictures are online at

So far I’m back to college after the spring break. This quarter is probably not gonna be as easy as the last one so looks like I’m having less free time. Still when I have some I do some managed DirectX programming which I’ve never been doing before. Lots of new things to learn for me and I must admit that 3D is fun. Check out this video.