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Canon 5D in plans

January 26, 2007

Having played enough with Canon 20D and it’s 1.6 cropping factor I feel the need for the real full-frame camera. One reason is to be able to use the Canon 15mm fisheye lens, which does not suit non-full-frame sensors well, and also the magical 24-70 f/2.8L lens (wide angle is too narrow for cropped sensors). So 5D is definitely the first choice. I have already started saving some money for the downpayment and looking forward to purchase it in a month or two. The release of Canon 6D will also drop the price of 5D. So gonna wait a while …


Capturing life as it is: my new set on Flickr

January 8, 2007

Yesterday I created a new set on Flickr which contains photos of people and some nature. The point was to create a collection of pictures that have “life” in them. Shots are non-posed and show true emotions. Many photos are of kids and I found that I truly love taking pictures of children. Especially if you can get them to tell you stories and be his/her friend. Nothing is better than capturing those bright little personalities with wide open hearts and great amount of emotions :).

Check it out:

World of Warcraft playing experience

January 2, 2007

Last week I registered for a 10-day trial for WoW looking forward for some fun time. After downloaded the 2+ GB it asked me to do a couple of updates which were about 1GB in total. Finally I got the game running.

I created my character and was asked to choose the realm. Finally I got into the game. First impressions – what a poor graphics! What a poor controls! Good this game supported the wide-screen mode and I ran at 1680×1050 – the default resolution for my 22″ screen. Well I proceeded playing and getting my character up a couple of levels. I must say I got a little bored while my character was at low levels but it was becoming more and more interesting.

After having played my character for a week for about 3-4 hours a day I managed to get my character up to the 13th level. Everyday I felt I got more and more addicted to the game. That disturbed me a little cause I did not hang out with my friends for a while and just felt really empty and weird after the hours of playing WoW. All my thoughts were about my WoW character and getting it improved, getting more quests completed, getting better equipment :). Finally I understood that it’s gonna be even worse later. Everyday I was spending more time playing the and I LITERALLY felt how it made me stupid, less social and made me feel bored when I was hanging out with my friends.

But today I decided to stop playing it and just delete it and never get back to it. Kids, this game makes you dumb! Stop playing it and spend more time in REAL world, with REAL people, with REAL challenges rather than just sitting in your chair and socializing in virtual world where you gonna end up with nothing more than a level 60 character and an empty brains! WoW is really addictive and it’s hard to quit playing it. It’s like drugs – after you start doing them you cannot quit because of the physical dependence. I hope yesterday was the last day I’ve ever played World of Warcraft 😉