Vista cannot handle network file sharing?

I’m back again to my good old Windows XP installation after having a few tries to transfer a file to my other home computer while I was running Windows Vista. I was able to share a few folders and was successfully browsing my Vista box from the other computer. But when I started file transfer and wanted to get a few files from the Vista box Vista just crashed with a beautiful Blue Screen. Now I’m back to Windows XP and I am successfully copying a few files over the network to the other home machine.

The version of Vista I’m using is Release Candidate 2, which is supposed to be a well-functional pre-release Windows. RC2 is the pre-release of Windows Vista Ultimate, not the limited Windows Vista Home. Is that the kind of product we expect for over $400? I guess not.


7 Responses to “Vista cannot handle network file sharing?”

  1. David Says:

    There are two different versions of the protocol. XP and below, as well as Samba, use the old one. Vista uses the new one by default for security reasons. I saw a tutorial a while ago about how to change it–it’s just a registry key or two.

  2. freeborn182 Says:

    Yeah, but still there should be a compatibility, and at least Vista should not crash with the blue screen for that simple reason.

  3. David Says:

    It BLUESCREENED??? Wow. It’s one reg entry to get back.

  4. freeborn182 Says:

    Yes, it did gave me a blue screen. Reg entry? Well, I’d better stay in XP.

  5. David Says:

    Good, I better stay on FBSD 😉

  6. Truk Says:

    Supposedly this link has the answer and it is an easy fix. I just made the fix and we’ll see if it ends my daily blue screen of death.

    Good Luck.

  7. Truk Says:

    forgot the link

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