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Vista cannot handle network file sharing?

December 29, 2006

I’m back again to my good old Windows XP installation after having a few tries to transfer a file to my other home computer while I was running Windows Vista. I was able to share a few folders and was successfully browsing my Vista box from the other computer. But when I started file transfer and wanted to get a few files from the Vista box Vista just crashed with a beautiful Blue Screen. Now I’m back to Windows XP and I am successfully copying a few files over the network to the other home machine.

The version of Vista I’m using is Release Candidate 2, which is supposed to be a well-functional pre-release Windows. RC2 is the pre-release of Windows Vista Ultimate, not the limited Windows Vista Home. Is that the kind of product we expect for over $400? I guess not.


My new project launched –

December 27, 2006

Today I have launched my new project that I have been working around for the past few weeks.

The concept of the project is to allow people to post polls with two choices
and then others to vote on on those polls thus making it into a concept of trends. For example there’s a poll where people can debate over Mac or PC. Voting is easy – all you have to do is login and click around the things you like and prefer. Then you can post your reasoning and comment on reasons of other people. This will lead to the discussion of a certain topic or trend. After the poll has received sufficient amount of votes people will be able to see what’s trendy and popular today.

Verizon installing FiOS in my neighborhood

December 20, 2006

About a month ago I got a door notice that Verizon has hired a company that is going to install FiOS in our neighborhood. I got excited cause I was expecting it for quite a few months. I never though Verizon is that fast. Well, they are still doing the installation jobs all around the neighbordhood but I expect them to be done soon, probably sometime in January. Kudos to Verizon! Hope the FiOS is going to meet all my expectations about it.

Verizon installing FiOS in my neighborhood

Verizon installing FiOS in my neighborhood

My dog after the grooming :)

December 18, 2006

Jordan had grooming last week and now he looks like a top-notch dog ;). I still don’t have many good pics of him on Flickr, but hope to post some soon.