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Another successful shooting day

November 8, 2006

Last Saturday was the rather successful day for me in a wedding photography. I was shooting a really good wedding and in the end I had a bunch of really cute shots of bride and groom. Photos are available on and also on my photography web site at

What I have learned and what was new to me? Few days before shooting this wedding I did my best to study photos of some famous wedding photographers like Mike Colon. I also read articles about how they shoot and what inspires them. A great discovery to me was to shoot at high ISO speeds with natural light thus without flash light. I managed to use this technique during the first hours of the wedding – bride preparation. I made them to turn off the lights in the room for a couple of minutes and open the window as wide as possible. This was a really important step. Mostly I shot with my 50mm f/1.8 lens which gave me good amount of light at short shutter speeds up to 1/125.

Another great factor was that this time I had twice more storage than usually :). I purchased one more 2GB Compact Flash card. This gave me the possibility of shooting without worrying that I’ll run out of storage in the next 15 minutes. I always bring laptop with me to move the shots from the Compact Flash storage to laptop hard drive. Basically I can shoot up to 15GB of RAW pictures per day. Basically It means that I can shoot up to 1500 photos per wedding day. In some cases when I need more storage I bring my external 250GB hard drive.

Conclusion. Shoot mostly in natural light, use flash rarely. Bring as much Compact Flash cards as possible. For the next wedding I’m planning to get another 2GB card for even more storage.