Games: Battlefield 2142 Demo

I’ve been playing Battlefield series since the first version when they did not have such beautiful graphics as they do now. With the release of Battlefield 2 the game got popular even more. Graphics, physics, maps and multiplayer mode became way better and eye appealing :). In summer of 2005 it was one of the most computer resource demanding game. Many people who wanted to switch to the new version had to do to major upgrade of their computers. I was playing it on GeForce 6600GT which was not the best graphics card at that time, but was rather good. I’m still on 6600GT, but on PCI Express, because I got a new mobo with PCI Express supports and a new CPU and so I had to switch to PCI Express graphics card. I’m not a full-time gamer, so I cannot tell the difference between the AGP and PCI Express variants of this card (both cards are MSI).

Battlefield 2142 itself. I must admit I did not read many previews and reviews of this game, but I was watching for new screenshots since the day of announcement by EA. I remember how about 10 screenshots appeared on Gamespot. I was impressed with the new models and new effects. I must say the game looks better and runs better on the same hardware I used to run Battlefield 2. It looks like they have worked hard to improve the game engine and add some fascinating special effects.

Battlefield 2142 Demo

Battlefield 2142 Demo

Battlefield 2142 Demo

 New models and vehicles are also cool. I like the walker. It’s not that easy to kill it and at the same time it’s quite powerful :). The new ships (or helicopters) are a bit easier to control than those in Battlefield 2. I would not say cars or tanks are faster, but there is a hover tank which is quite maneuverable.

The new game mode – Titan. It is a great new feature of Battlefield 2142. Titans is the main base of the team that flies over the surface and where soldiers can deploy. They have two ships that can fit up to six soldiers. The other way to get from Titan to the ground is to jump from it 🙂 (it’s better to use parachute in that case :)). But the main point of Titan game mode is to destroy the enemy’s Titan. There are missile silos deployed on the ground which launch missiles on the regular basis. The more silos the team have captured the faster they can destroy the enemy’s Titan. You can also get inside the Titan to destroy the reactor core which is usually faster than waiting for missiles to destroy it.

I liked the game overall. To me it was something I expected and somehow even better. I enjoy the improved engine – the game runs pretty smoothly on a not new hardware.

Battlefield 2142 Demo

You can get the demo on GameDaily, GameSpot or even torrents.


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